ALL-PRO Staffing and Consulting Services

ALL-PRO Staffing and Consulting Services
POEA License#: 046-LB-080306-R

Mission and Vision:
We are a licensed private employment agency in the Philippines, specializing in the medical field, committed to:

  • Provide with utmost professionalism, competent, honest, and excellent manpower to our clients;
  • Consistently acknowledge and affirm our staff’s personal worth; and
  • Continually strive with innovative spirit to encourage open communication among the staff, the client, and the agency.

ALL-PRO Staffing and Consulting Services is a land-based recruitment agency in the Philippines duly licensed by the Department of Labor and Employment and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration with license no. POEA-344-LB-081498-R issued on August 8, 1996.

It is primarily engaged in marketing, recruiting, outsourcing professionals, skilled and unskilled individuals for deployment to different countries around the world.

ALL-PRO is a reputable company considered to be one of the most active and progressive in its trade in the Philippines today.

Our goal is to ensure utmost satisfaction to our clients by providing them with excellent and high-quality service in an honest and ethical manner.

ALL-PRO Staffing & Consulting Services offers its clients a variety of applicants specialized in different areas of profession. Every candidate undergoes rigid background check, medical examination, and psychological evaluation.

The company also offers training classes to selected applicants. A pre-departure orientation is given before everyone is deployed overseas.

To ensure satisfaction, it is the practice of All-Pro to invite the employers to the Philippines and encourage them to conduct their own interview to pre-selected candidates. This agency believes that there is nothing more rewarding to an employer than being afforded a free-reign in hiring candidates that will suit their needs.

ALL-PRO prides itself with highly professional staff who are knowledgeable, competent, dependable, and especially sensitive to both the clients and the applicant’s needs.

92 Oxford St. Cubao, Quezon City Metro Manila

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