APEX Grande Int’l Labor Agency

APEX Grande Int’l Labor Agency
POEA License#: 049-122209-PL

APEX Grande Int’l Labor Agency is an HR and recruitment firm. Our business provides focus to our strategic partnerships. These alliances allow our evolution from being an HR and recruitment solutions firm to a next generation social management specialty business.

Our shared vision focuses on innovative ideas aimed at building and sustaining opportunities and connected communities within the domestic and international markets. This provides superior value to our stakeholders.

More importantly, this direction preserves the respect and loyalty of our clients as their individual businesses likewise feel the long-term benefits of hiring candidates through AGILA.

We understand our clients’ needs of providing candidates that are effective and contributory to their company’s goals and growth. We represent solutions in each of our processes.

The Mezzanine, One Joroma Place, Congressional Ave. Quezon City Metro Manila

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