Project Engineer (Electrical & Instrumentation)

The search and recruitment firm, Brunel Technical Services Philippines Inc. is looking for, Project Engineers.


  • The role requires a good understanding of Shell Group project development processes in Singapore and process flows on Lubricants (or similar petrochemical products) production and filling.
  • At least five years experience in dealing with International Engineering Contractor and involved in key position on Lubricants (or similar petrochemical products) production and filling engineering projects.
  • To lead a team of engineers of different disciplines to ensure the detail design is compiling with the agreed Client Specifications and Project Specifications, meeting the sales demand forecasted and Project Specifications, meeting the sales demand forecasted as well as HSSE, performance, operation friendliness and optima opex requirements.
  • To ensure the integrity of the Detail design is conforming to the relevant Singapore Regulation Standards, Shell Standards (DEP & IAPS), Shell LOBP Development Guidelines and known applicable International Standards.
  • To ensure a “fit for purposed” design is proposed to optimize the investment costs and accuracy of the project costs estimate provided are within +/- 10%.
  • To ensure the integrity of the Tender Documents prepared are containing adequate information for accurate EPC contract tendering.
  • To ensure the detail design and the materials and equipment’s selected align with the specifications laid down in Detail design Package and able to obtain required Construction Permits.
  • To ensure the established Project HSSE Management Plan is fully deployed and being complied at all levels of the Project Implementation activities.
  • To ensure the appointed Construction Supervision team appointed deliver the full scope of their responsibilities.
  • To ensure construction Costs are contained within budget and any variations are conforming to the established Change Control Procedures.
  • To plan and lead the commissioning processes to ensure the plant constructed is fully compile with the Project Specifications and Performance requirements.
  • To acquire all necessary permits & licenses for commercial operations.
  • To ensure progress milestones are met the ultimate deliverables are meeting the overall Project Schedule.
  • Principal Accountabilities.
  • Ensure the Detail design and Engineering Package level of definition, including process modeling; process design equipment evaluation are completed all in accordance with the Project Specifications.
  • Lead an effective Engineering team, display winning values and behaviors and be able to participate in and contribute to cross-functional teams working on wider issues, both within and outside the Project Team.
  • Ensure the proposal for new capacity meets Singapore business objectives per Client Specification.
  • Evaluate alternative options for new Plant to optimize the amount of investment.
  • Provide estimate of the capital cots (+/- 10%) & Project Programme.
  • Recommend the most attractive option to allow Shell to proceed with EPC Contract Tendering.
  • Pre-Qualify the Construction Supervision Contractors and ensure the Tender Document Prepared is containing full scope of deliverables.
  • Pre-qualify the EPC Contractors to ensure the Tender Documents prepared are containing sufficient information for accurate EPC Contract Tendering.


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor’s/College Degree in Engineering (Petroleum/Oil/Gas) or equivalent.
  • At least 5 year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Preferably Supervisor / 5 Yrs & Up Experienced Employees specializing in Engineering – Oil/Gas or equivalent. Job role in Project Management or Management.
  • 1 Full-Time position(s) available.

Closing date: July 21, 2012