Truck Driver

The search and recruitment firm Light And Hope Overseas Placement Agency Inc., is looking for Truck Drivers.


  • Heavy Duty Truck Driver (15)
  • To help loading and unloading goods and do delivery.
  • Pushing of carts and pallets
  • Full load of goods which are heavy and bulky
  • Able to carry heavy items and move around to do delivery
  • Must have a driving license which can convert in Singapore


  • Housing Supplied
  • Worker is able to earn $1800 (Singapore) based on the number of trips.
  • The normal ability to equal 62,500 Pesos monthly.
  • This will take 4 months from the start date.
  • Worker will need 2 to 3 months to do license conversion and also familiarize route and customer delivery location.
  • Remarks to Inform Applicant:

    1. 1-3 months, salary will be less than $1800 (Singapore)
    2. One trip takes 2 ½ -3 hours
    3. Working hours are either day or night (starting times 2AM or 2PM)

    Salary Scheme:

    • Per day Minimum 3 Trips
    • S$7.00/trip X 3 = S$21.00 / Day
    • Incentive Allowance: S$4.00/ Trip X 3 = S$12.00/ Day
    • Total S$33.00 / Day X 28 Days = S$924 Month
    • If you achieve 105 trips per month, employer will give you S$100 (one time payment)
    • If you achieve 125 trips per month, employer will give you S$150 (one time payment)
    • Interested Applicants may Walk-In and Apply. Accepting applicants until July 22, 2011.

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